Milk production


Established in December 2012.

Equipped according to the latest technologies Tērces farm provides most comfortable environment to the animals where they are maintained, not binded. The farm is designed with GEA technology with an automatic ventilation regulation, soft bedding with mattresses, sanitary block and a separate milking space for cows with calves. Milking parlour provides up to 80 places in automatic milking rotary (carousel) system. Farm capacity is up to 3300 dairy cows.

The number of dairy cows has reached 2111 in 2015, whereas the number of calves has increased up to 1460.

Average annual milk yield per cow, kg

Milk production year, t

High quality milk is always on demand. Our business partner "Piena Partneri" Ltd. provides product sales through retail chains. Our products are also available in our own retail stores "Agrofirma Tērvete" located in Dobele and Tērvete.