Horse breeding

It would be true to say that horses were in Tērvete since ancient times. Meanwhile the role of the horse in everyday life of local residents was constantly changing. From an irreplaceable assistant in many situations the horse's role has gradually turned into a source of income, a partner in sports, entertainment, or just a good friend. Obviously the collaboration was so successful that the horse earned a permanent place on the "Agrofirma Tērvete"- logo.

Since its founding on November 18, 1964 Tērvete stables decided to leave working horse breeding and to continue with the pedigree sport horses. After almost 50 years many of changes took place, and major one is numbers. The maximum number of horses in 1990 was 590 animals and since then the number was reducing. Considering the quality - it was evidently improving. No wonder that Tērvete stables was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture with many awards: in 1996 the victory at the contest "The Sower " (for achievements in breeding thoroughbred horses) and in 2001 the stud got a diploma as the largest in the country (for the contribution to the development of pedigree breeding).

Today the number of horses is about 30.
Everyone who wants to spend their free time practicing horseback riding is expected in "Tervete" stable. Both beginners and experienced riders are welcome. Private horse owners have the opportunity to accommodate their horses in our special location (horse hotel).