Crop production

Agricultural company Tērvete is located in the southern part of Zemgale plain.

Our land is the greatest wealth and the richest soils are located in the Zemgale plain, which was the granary since ancient times. The yield of the soil is above 60 points, and in some places it even reaches 82 points, it is almost 50% higher than in the other districts of Latvia. 

Today JSC "Agrofirma Tērvete" manages 2972,25 hectares of land. From 2756,25 hectares of agricultural lands 2727 are used for the high quality crop production.

Crop production plays a key role in the company's activities, as it's mission is to provide other industries with raw materials:

  • high-quality forage for cattle and pedigree horses
  • high quality barley for the beer production
  • silage for the biogas generation

Professional management and rich lands pays off. Rapid development of the company and the growth of production in other areas requires more raw materials. In order to improve better use of the land and technical resources the company started to cooperate in 2012 with two partners - agricultural enterprises "Agrolats" and "Liepas". The total area of the cultivated lands managed by the companies is 5,000 hectares.

The use of land for growing crop is based on the change of cultures and respect for the principle of crop rotation. This allows to fully exploit the potential of the fertile soils, to maintain it and achieve harmless production to the environment.

In addition to the raw crop production we offer:

  • the cultivation and sale of wheat
  • the cultivation and sale of rapeseed
  • cultivation and sale of seed (winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley)

Our collaborators in crop production:

  • SIA „Agrolats”
  • ZS „Liepas”
  • LPKS Agrario
  • SIA „Elagro Trade”
  • SIA "Elagro"
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Basf Agro
  • SIA "Augu Aizsardzības Serviss"
  • SIA "Baltic Agro"
  • SIA Konekesko Latvija
  • Dojus Latvija SIA