Welcome to the largest diversified agricultural enterprise in Latvia - JSC "AGROFIRMA TĒRVETE"

We offer our guests:

  • Sightseeing tour at the Tertses dairy farm

    Tertses complex equipped up to the state of the art for the milk production, with automatic milking carousel equipment. Farm capacity - 3,000 milking cows.
    The duration of the tour - 30 min.
    Price for groups:
    - Up to 10 people - 43,00 EUR per group
    - More than 10 people - 4,30 EUR per person

  • Visit to Tērvete brewery
    To our guests we offer to get acquainted with Tērvete beer making process and a small tour of the brewing plant. In tasting hall you will be able to enjoy freshly brewed , chilled Tērvete beer and our newest product - Tervetes kvass with snacks. Only in our souvenir shop you will be able to buy the orginal souvenirs , beer and kvass.

    Preferred groups size - from 10 to 30 people.
    Visit rate - 6.0 euros per person ,
    Minimum attendance rate - 60.0 euros from the group
    Groups of foreign tourists visiting rate - 10.0 euros per person.

    We do not offer tours for groups larger than 30 people, for safety reasons!

  • Seminars and events
    When you wish to combine the visit to the Tērvete brewery with another occasion we offer our premises also for seminars and special events. Venue seating capacity - up to 40 guests. 

    We are ready to take care of your guests, to create a comfortable atmosphere, serve cooled beer and tasty dishes of your choice! 

    - Venue rent - 10,00 EUR per hour
    - Rental of technical equipment and furnishing (furniture, screen, projector, Internet connection) - 4,00 EUR per hour
    - Service fee (pre-equipment of the space, cooled Tērvete beer from a barrel, snack selection)

    Send us your request in advance and we will make an offer that meets your needs and our capabilities.

We welcome our guests all week, except Sundays.
Pre-booking and reservations by phone: +371 29615337, or email agita@tervete.lv, www.tervete.lv