About us

Today JSC "Agrofirma Tērvete" is a modern diversified enterprise with vast experience and heritage since 1974. The company has developed through different stages and different governmental systems. At all times the rich Tērvete lands were attracting strong and motivated enterpreneurs. The dedication to it's own land and wise economic management has given the company an opportunity to grow and develop.

Latvian lands are generous and require only love, respect and work.

Taking care of the environment and ecology through efficient resource usage allows the company to operate as a closed-circle agricultural production.

The company specializes in five different areas:

  • crop production
  • dairy farming
  • horse breeding
  • biogas production
  • food retail and catering

Agrofirma Tērvete at the moment employs 190 employees, working on the area of 2972 ha. The company´s main goal is to become a source of inspiration and wealth for it's employees, their families, for the Latvian society and it's future generations.

Everything that is produced comes from the Latvian land.